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This is my favorite dispensary. The staff is super friendly and helpful. The place has a nice atmosphere, clean and nice on the inside. Great deals all the time- specials every day/week-coupons in metro times, raffles for good prizes. Selection is usually diverse (sometimes they are running low). More recently edible selection has been down & don’t carry concentrates anymore :( drive thru is super convenient & points system adds up to get all kinds of free stuff. They also have Doctor days. On your first visit I think you get a free j or gram.
— mackencheese via Leafly
It only took me a couple visits to decide I was only spending my money here. The staff is awesome, and bud is magnificent. My person favorites are Candy Land and Kens Phantom. I have tried the wax, and it blows Chronic Releafs out the water! Not to mention, the drive thru is very useful, and they are open later than most dispensaries in the area. :D
— xmnfo via Weedmaps
Everytime someone asks me where I go I tell them here even though I go everywhere.. from the prices to the product it’s a A+ here for me, I go here personally for my concentrate and for when it’s late and need good quality flower for the low. they have and very convenient drive-thru. [: they have a cool points system and you can spend your points on cool neat stuff, I got a medium size pipe for 250+ points thought it would be dinky small and ugly it was one of the coolest pipes I ever seen it had a black widow spider on it and I named him Steve(:
— sammmaeog via Weedmaps
For my first time at Green River Meds I had a great experience! The building is very well secured and the staff and doctor is very friendly. They hooked it up with a free half gram of wax for my first time visit and it was in a non-stick container which, to me, is pretty cool. I also bought 1/8th of New York Diesel, which they also hooked up with some extra bud. However, the prices for everything are a little bit pricy (e.g. 50 for 1/8th). On the other hand, the reward system is awesome; I look forward to using it as much as I can! Green River Meds also offers a drive thru which is pretty cool, I forsure want to try that out in the near future. All in all, it was a great first time experience and I would defiantly recommend checking them out.
— mandeemarie via Leafly
Everyone from the security to the bud tenders were very helpful. Parking is a plus and the inside has a very comfortable vibe. It was my first time there and I was pleased that I stopped by.
— teezy86 via Leafly
It is what I would call a solid 4.5 star experience. In other words, I give it a 9 out of 10.
— Quentin